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The New York Times

When It Takes a Dentist's Chair to Disconnect

I was at the dentist because I had a cracked tooth that I had long put off fixing, partly because my schedule was already brimming over, and mostly because I didn’t really want to have the procedure anyway. After months of stalling, I had finally scheduled the appointment and resolutely blocked out my calendar for the entire afternoon. I was anticipating that afternoon with dread, but I was in for a surprise.  Read more.

The Atlantic

Against the Sticker Chart (Reached #1 Most Popular)

After working with thousands of families over my years as a family psychologist, I’ve found that one of the most common predicaments parents face is how to get kids to do what they’re asked. And one of the most common questions parents ask is about tools they can use to help them achieve this goal.  Read more.

National Public Radio (NPR/KQED)

Stop Wanting Your Kids To Be Happy (Podcast)

Finish this sentence: "I just want my kids to be … " Like millions of other parents, you may well have said, "I just want my kids to be happy." I have said the same myself.  But while wanting happiness for our children makes sense, decades of research presents a paradox: Focusing on happiness is not a great way to actually be happy.  Listen here.

The Washington Post

No, Honey, You Can't Be Anything You Want To Be.  And That's Okay.

When my son turned one, friends gifted him with an illustrated Snoopy the Dog book called “You Can Be Anything.” On page after page, this chirpy book shows Snoopy engaged in a variety of impressive professions: Sports Star, Surgeon, Flying Ace, and so on.  The book was big and bright and colorful, and probably intended for an older child since the pages–instead of being thick and sturdy like board books–were made of regular paper.  When my son tried to turn these flimsy paper pages with his pudgy little hands, they inevitably ripped. Which delighted him, so he ripped them more. I let him. I even helped him sometimes.  Read more.

Wisconsin Public Radio

The Joy Cardin Show

Psychology Today

What Great Parents Do (Syndicated Blog)

I Like Daddy Better!: 5 Ways to Cope When a Child Favors a Parent

Whether you're the preferred parent or the rejected one, our expert's five tips can help you get your parent/kid dynamic back on track.

Yahoo Parenting

Mom Calls Cops on Nanny. Sometimes It Doesn't 'Take a Village' to Raise a Kid

When Jenna Cooper got home from work last August and heard that another mother in her Brooklyn neighborhood called the cops on her nanny, her immediate reaction was fear. “I heard the word ‘police,’ and got really nervous,” Cooper, a lawyer in Brooklyn, tells Yahoo Parenting. “But after my nanny Nicki explained the situation to me, my worry turned to anger and disbelief.”  Read more.

KQED Public Radio

Change Yourself First

About 15 years ago, my husband and I adopted a dog. We soon realized we needed help managing a variety of challenging puppy behaviors, so we signed up for a dog-training class, eager to train our dog and change her problematic habits.  To our surprise, the dog-training class was less about training our dog and more about training us.  Most importantly, we learned that to change our dog's behavior, we had to change our behavior first. And that is a lesson we can apply to our relationships with people, too.  Read more.


When Kids Say, "Nobody Likes Me!"

We desperately want to fix it, says parent coach and psychologist Erica Reischer, but take care not to hinder your child's emotional growth.  Read more.

Sirus XM Radio

The Matt Townsend Show (11/19/14)

How Not to Raise a Brat.  Listen now.

Great Schools

"But Dad Let's Me Do It!" (Video)

Give kids credit for trying to get what they want, says parent coach and psychologist Erica Reischer. But to keep the endless back-and-forth in check, follow this one guideline.  Watch now.

Happy Healthy Kids

How-To: Fighting In Front of Your Kids

To learn more about how exactly to role model healthy discord in front of the kids, I spoke with our advisory board member Erica Reischer, Ph.D, a psychologist and parenting coach.  Read more

KQED Public Radio

Parenting and Economic Anxiety

If you have kids, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about their future, trying to decide when to push them to try harder and when to back off.  Listen here.

Great Schools

When Your Child Says "I Hate You" (Video)

Is it time for a stern lecture or a time-out? Neither. Parent coach and psychologist Erica Reischer says by taking this approach, you'll get beyond these three ugly words.  Watch now.