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"What Great Parents Do is the only parenting playbook you need.  No book has better distilled, science-based parenting tips than this one!  If you have only two minutes a day, you have time to pick up a quick strategy for parenting with more joy, skill, and ease.  A must read!"

-  Christine Carter, author of "The Sweet Spot" and Senior Fellow, UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center


Dr. Erica's best-selling book, WHAT GREAT PARENTS DO, has now been translated into 10 languages!

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"5 simple steps to Get your Kids to Listen *Without* NAGGING or Yelling."

This cheat sheet is a convenient tool to have on hand when those sticky situations arise:  when you need to reinforce a bed time, turn down a request for a new toy, or transition out of play time.

Looking for help with other parenting challenges, like whining or power struggles?  Try Dr. Erica's Tip Sheets

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WHAT GREAT PARENTS DO:  The small Book of BIG Parenting Ideas began as a workshop in local schools and soon grew into a class attended by thousands of parents at schools and organizations, including Habitot Children’s Museum, University of California Berkeley, UCSF Benioff / Children’s Hospital, and San Francisco Zen Center. 

Now a forthcoming book by Penguin Random House, WHAT GREAT PARENTS DO offers readers the same action-oriented guide to parenting best practices for children’s social and emotional development.  Written by a psychologist who specializes in family relationships, this book presents simply and concisely 75 key strategies parents can use to reshape kids’ challenging behavior, create strong family bonds, and guide children toward becoming happy, kind and responsible adults.

Written for busy parents who don't have time to read a typical chapter book, WHAT GREAT PARENTS DO gets right to the point.  It distills the most useful information about the art and science of parenting into bite-sized summaries with real examples of what to say and how to say it.  It also includes dozens of tools and techniques parents can use right away, such as “previews”, “power sharing”, “pivoting”, “reframing”, empathy, “replays”, “fair warning”, emotion coaching, “stopping the action”, and more.

In a style that is easy to read and reference later, this book will show you:

  • How to change unwanted behavior such as whining and procrastinating (without yelling or nagging)
  • How to avoid common parenting missteps
  • How to sidestep power struggles
  • How to guide children toward becoming happy, kind, and responsible adults
  • How to build a strong and enduring relationship with kids

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