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Parenting is a challenge, but it doesn't have to feel like a struggle. 

You can create a family life that is harmonious and joyful.

Dr. Erica works with families who want to learn proven, research-tested methods for effectively navigating the everyday challenges of life with children.  She is passionate about helping everyday moms and dads be mindful, loving and effective parents.


Dr. Erica's style of parent coaching is practical and solution-focused. You can expect to receive clear and action-oriented tools and techniques that you can use immediately.


Dr. Erica offers:

looking for help with a specific parenting challenge?  Try Dr. Erica's Tip Sheets

Dr. Erica also works with schools and other organizations that support parents, such as Habitot Children's Museum, University of California Berkeley, San Francisco Zen Center, and UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

She is the author of the best-selling book, "What Great Parents Do:  75 Simple Strategies for Raising Kids Who Thrive."  Read more about Dr. Erica's experience.


Please see FAQs or contact Dr. Erica if you would like to learn more, or to arrange a complimentary phone consultation.


More parenting resources:


What is Parent Coaching with Dr. Reischer?

Using my training as a clinical psychologist, and insights from research in the fields of child development, learning theory, and developmental psychology, I work with everyday parents of children ages 1 through 10 on age- and development-appropriate issues.  

The focus of parent coaching is as it sounds:  to give you, the parent, the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your parenting goals.  Parent coaching is like life coaching, but with a different emphasis. 

One aspect of parent coaching typically focuses on helping parents minimize problematic behaviors, and cultivate pro-social, constructive behavior in their children.  Often our daily interactions with our kids unintentionally and implicitly reinforce the very behaviors we want to minimize (lack of listening, impatience, power struggles, etc). 


  • Tantrums and power struggles
  • Whining
  • Hitting, yelling, and other aggressive behaviors
  • Oppositional behavior


  • Listening skills
  • Cooperation and responsiveness
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Good manners

Another aspect of coaching focuses on teaching parents how to foster happiness, confidence, empathy, patience, and self-reliance in their children, such as:

  • How to help kids deal with stress and disappointment
  • How to help kids develop self-discipline (to do things they don't want to do, but need to be done)
  • How to praise kids in ways that don't inadvertently hinder creativity or achievement
  • How to cultivate "happiness habits" in your family (happiness is largely a habit and a skill)

Please contact me if you would like to learn more, or to arrange a no-cost phone consultation. 

>> I offer parent coaching in two formats, private and group: 


One-on-One Parent Coaching

When you have specific questions or issues that are best addressed individually, I offer one-on-one parent coaching tailored to the specific needs of your family.  

As part of my coaching, I  also offer home visits if we decide together that it would be helpful.  Home visits enable me to see your child(ren) and family in a natural and comfortable setting, and to identify more quickly the specific strategies you can use to address your issues and concerns.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more, or to arrange a no-cost, initial phone consultation. 

Parenting Workshops:  "What Great Parents Do"

Workshops are offered throughout the year, at my office and also at schools and parent resource centers such as:

  • The University of California, Berkeley
  • Habitot Children's Museum
  • The Ann Martin Center
  • San Francisco Zen Center
  • UCSF Benioff / Children's Hospital Oakland

More information on parenting workshops here.

Topics covered in my "What Great Parents Do" workshops include:

  • The ABCs of great parenting:  Acceptance, Boundaries and Consistency
  • How to reshape challenging behavior   
  • How to help kids manage intense feelings
  • Why some types of praise can undermine kids' achievement and what to do instead
  • What to do when your kids say "no"
  • How to guide children toward becoming happy adults

For PTA and other school groups, I offer reduced fee workshops.

Parenting Book Club & Support Groups

Been meaning to read the latest books and research on parenting?  Want to learn how to guide children toward becoming happy adults?  In this book club and support group for parents, we read both new and classic books on children and parenting, and discuss how their insights can be applied to our own families.  This group is for parents who want to cultivate a deeper understanding of the art and science of parenting.

Parents may register for one or more series in this ongoing group.  Each series is 4 sessions, and covers up to 2 books, with new books and themes to be covered in each 4-session series.  Sample themes include:

  • Increasing children's emotional and interpersonal IQ
  • Understanding the psychology of success
  • Fostering a resilient and growth-oriented mindset
  • Teaching key happiness habits
  • Establishing a relationship of respect and mutual trust

Space is limited and advance registration is required.  Please contact me for more information, or to register.

Who should consider parent coaching?

Like most things we do in life, parenting is a skill.  However, many parents receive little or no training in child development and behavior, developmental psychology, and learning theory.  Parent coaching is for any parent who:

  • Feels like their kids don't listen to them
  • Sees areas of behavior in their children that they would like to be different
  • Wants a sounding board
  • Deals frequently with power struggles around homework, bedtime, meals, clothes, etc.
  • Didn't have positive parenting role models when they were children
  • Has little energy left over after parenting for their adult relationships
  • Wants to do their best parenting

I specialize in working with everyday parents of children ages 1 through 10.  

Please contact me with additional questions, or to arrange a no-cost phone consultation. 

What should I expect from parent coaching?

My goal in parent coaching is to give you the knowledge and tools that will enable you to achieve your goals as a parent.  Most of the consultation time is directed toward you, the parent, and children are included when appropriate, ideally during a home visit, which is the most natural and comfortable setting for kids.

After working with me, you will have a better understanding of what drives your child(ren)'s behavior, and what you can do specifically to shape it.  You will also understand how to guide your child(ren) toward becoming happy, confident, responsible, kind and accomplished young adults.

You should also expect a concrete set of tools and an action plan, with techniques that you can put into practice in your family immediately.  See also "What is parent coaching" above.

Please contact me with additional questions, or to arrange a no-cost phone consultation. 

Recommended Parenting Books

I am often asked for my recommended list of parenting books.  Here are some favorites:

  • "Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child"  (John Gottman)
  • "The Parents We Mean To Be"  (Richard Weissbourd)
  •  "Everyday Blessings:  The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting"  (Jon & Myla Kabat-Zinn)
  • "The Optimistic Child"  (Martin Seligman) 
  • "Mindset:  The New Psychology of Success"  (Carol Dweck)
  • "Emotional Intelligence:  Why It Can Matter More than IQ"  (Daniel Goleman)
  • "Nurtureshock:  New Thinking About Children"  (Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman)

"Hands down the most useful parenting information I've gleaned since becoming a parent four years ago."  - Anne, Montclair Community Play Center (MCPC) Parent, Oakland

"Things have been so crazy since #2 came. I felt so out of control and often angry at myself for letting things get that way. That peaked around the holidays and then I attended your class.  I learned some amazing skills at your talk that have seriously helped us out!! I asked you that night how to solve ask, ask, yell and it's getting better.  Since your class, I'm way calmer and we are all happier. I've even felt capable of organizing my home, meal prepping and exercising again. Really!  I can't thank you enough."  - Heather S., Oakland, CA

We have made tremendous progress in the last few months, both with our son and ourselves. When we look back to how he was behaving and how we were feeling (and responding to him) when we first started talking with you, it’s clear the tools you provided us have made a big impact.

We are back to enjoying our time with the kids and feeling very little frustration!!

Thanks so much for all your guidance. You have helped us through a tough time and it’s much appreciated.
— E + N, Walnut Creek, CA
I somehow came across your list of “10 Things Great Parents Do”. I just wanted to tell you how helpful this is. I read it often and try to integrate these ideas into my parenting. I have shared this list with many friends. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. It does make a difference.
— Kim K., Philadelphia
Thank you so much. We really noticed a difference in behavior with our son (ours and his) over the past week. He is even now beginning to say Please (in his own 20 month old way) when he is asking for things! I really appreciate your clear tips and contextual examples. The timing was perfect for us.
— Sue M. + Bruce D., Oakland Parents
Because of your tips, our son learned how to do some new things this weekend, like put on a record and flip a pancake, and had no time-outs. Thanks again.
— Anne O., Oakland Preschool Parent
So helpful and just what I needed to hear to relate better to my 3 year old! You’re great at what you do!
— Alameda Preschool Parent
Not only is Dr. Reischer a skilled psychotherapist, she is a parenting coach as well. Her passion is helping
parents improve their relationships with their children through understanding their own behaviors. She listens really well and gives excellent useful feedback, including hands-on techniques to go home and use right away. She is also able to do home visits if need be so she can really see and understand the home dynamic.
— Jo Hadley, MSW