3 Essentials for Parenting in Turbulent Times

Wherever you may be on the political spectrum, if you're a parent in these turbulent times, you're probably wondering how to help your children become confident, kind, and respectful citizens of the world.

Here are 3 essential things you can do:

1.  Teach kids to disagree without being disagreeable
Show kids how to disagree and state their own opinions without disparaging those who hold different views. 

Remind kids that considering someone else's perspective and actually agreeing with it are not the same thing.  (Note: This valuable skill will also serve them well in the workplace).

2.  Teach kids to be media literate
In this era of click-bait, a recent Stanford study showed that most kids are unable to assess the credibility of information they receive online. 

Talk to kids about the differences between news, editorials, and sponsored content, and show them how to evaluate the credibility of online information before sharing it.

3.  Expose kids to diversity and find common ground
Seek out community events or watch shows about people from different traditions and backgrounds, and emphasize shared goals and values.


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