Read Lots of Parenting Books but Still Feeling Stuck? Here's a 3-step recipe for change

[Note:  this post is from my blog on Psychology Today]

As a psychologist and parent coach, I work with many parents who are feeling stuck. This feeling takes many forms: stuck in a cycle of yelling (often following by guilt), stuck in a dynamic of whining or tantrums, stuck in a pattern of misunderstanding and emotional distancing.

Almost all of these parents are aware of their situation and have often read one or more parenting books with the goal of resolving the issue. These parents know what the issue is and they have sought out some guidance about how to address it. Despite this, they still feel stuck.

Why?  Often, the answer to why we continue to feel stuck lies in the difference between knowing and doing.  

The difference between knowing and doing is a critical one. While we generally cannot “do” without first knowing how, if we know but do not act on what we know, then change will not happen.  Continue reading on Psychology Today.


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